Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Walking With Grandma

Walking With Grandma

Summer ABC Book

Help your child plan fun ideas for each letter; cut out corresponding pictures from magazines or take your own photos. Mat images with patterned paper and adhere to index cards.
To display a letter on each page, write the letter on a white circle and mat with patterned paper. Separate each page with plastic index-card dividers, and create a durable back cover by trimming the tab from an extra divider. Punch holes in the upper corners of the cards and dividers and insert a binder ring. Tie pretty ribbon on the ring. Decorate the cover with stickers to complete this unforgettable keepsake.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

And It's In The Grandparent Rule Book

And It's In The Grandparent Rule Book
for every no we said as parents we get to say yes as grandparents

Spare-Change Papier-Mache Bowl

Line the inside and rim of a small glass bowl with plastic wrap. Have your kids tear up colorful tissue paper and stick the pieces to the inside of the bowl using a simple mixture of white glue and water. After you've added a few layers, let it dry; remove the glass bowl and plastic wrap. Have your kids spell out "savings" in cute letter stickers. Add a little decoration by punching holes around the rim of the bowl and threading a pretty ribbon through.

Train with Tracks

Your child will delight in playing conductor with this easy-to-make train and track set.
Make It: Give your child three wooden blocks, a wooden spool, and six pieces of wagon-wheel pasta to paint. Cut a chipboard rectangle for the top of the train and two squares for train windows; let your child paint the pieces. Once the chipboard is dry, glue the pieces together as shown. Glue a tuft of cotton to the spool for smoke.
To make the tracks, cut a strip of chipboard a little wider than the length of one mini craft stick. Glue mini craft sticks at short intervals along the strip and top with regular craft sticks. For extra fun, create several sets of tracks for your child to place together.

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Grandchildren Make Me Feel Like Singing

My Grandchildren Are My Stars
my grandchildren light up my life!


Customize this cool spacecraft with extra hatches, portholes, side fins, and more. To make one, roll a rectangle of scrapbook paper (ours is about 4 by 6 inches) into a cylinder, sealing the seam with washi tape. Cut four 1-inch-long slits into one end of the cylinder, spacing them evenly around the edge. Cut out two mustache-shaped fins (A). Fold them at a right angle as shown, and insert them into the slits (B). For the nose cone, cut out a half circle (ours is 41/2 inches in diameter), roll into a cone, and seal the seam with washi tape. Run glue along the cylinder’s top edge and place the cone on top; let glue dry. Glue a rectangle to the rocket's side for a hatch. 
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