Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Darn Tootin They Are!!

This Grandma Agrees!!

my grandkids are my everything

Queen Of The Grandmas

Queen Of The Grandmas

Egg Carton Flowers

Printable Animal Finger Puppets

Recycled Plastic Lid Windchime

Recycled Spring Jars with Texture

Balloon Cup Shooters

Back Yard Bug Snacks

Zoku Fish Pop Molds

Disney Mickey Figural Upholstered Chair

Fred's Swim Academy SwimTrainer

Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rock Pets

Paper Plate Tropical Fish

Jellyfish Bookmarks

During a recent family outing to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, we spent a good deal of time at these giant bubble tubes and at the jellyfish exhibit. Seeing these jellyfish swim up-close is both magical and mesmerizing to watch! We knew as soon as we returned home that we would have to do a bubble-and-jellyfish-themed craft! Since we were so inspired by the sparkling bubbles and stunning jellyfish, we decided to use paper from our Scratch and Sparkle Deluxe Scratch Art Kit to make beautiful bookmarks for friends and family!........

Tissue Paper Balloon Bowls

It’s B week in kindergarten starting tomorrow.  We are going to make these amazing balloon bowls which I kind of stumbled upon by accident.  They started off as hot air balloons from Collage Collage, a totally fabulous art studio for kids and shop.  I seriously stalk them on instagram.  After I worked on the first balloon, which took a bit longer than I thought, I accidentally popped the balloon inside while removing the tape holding it to the cup.  Turned out to be a major blessing in disguise because I realized the balloon separates itself from the tissue paper in the COOLEST way, with sound effects and everything, and I could trim it into a super cool bowl.  From there I tried balloons in different sizes because there is no way kindergartners are going to sit for 45 minutes modge podging.  I am so pleased with the process and the results, especially the balloon popping.  The kids will love that part.

Cardboard Tube Batman

Batman. From a cardboard tube. That’s right. Don’t think I’m weird, but I seem to have some special ability to see creative things when looking at toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I can’t even count how many cardboard tube crafts I have made over the years, so turning one into Batman was just another day in the craft room. Probably good timing too because there’s a new Batman vs. Superman movie in the works to be released in 2016.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Grandma's The Boss

Grandma's The Boss
it doesnt matter what mom said, grandma said i could have it. 

I Love My Grandchildren

I Love My Grandchildren

And I Believe You

And I Believe You
put me in a home i put you in the ground

Paper Mosaic Place Mats

 Select a large piece of cardstock or thin cardboard for the backdrop. Sketch rough outlines of a simple landscape or have your kids create their own. Let your kids tear colored paper to glue onto the cardboard. When the design is finished, take it to an office supply store for laminating.

Forest Frame

Fashion frames for snapshots using sticks, glue, and twine.

A Mini Menagerie

To make the creatures at home with your kids:
  1. Start with a regular or mini cereal box. From the bottom, cut halfway up each corner seam with scissors.
  2. To shape the animal’s face, cut a curve into the bottom half of the front and back panels. (Make it pointier for a fox, rounder for a dog or a bunny.) Use masking tape to attach the side flaps along each edge. Trim excess. 
  3. Cut out ears from a second cereal box and attach them to the animal head with masking tape. Use white glue to attach tightly crumpled balls of newspaper to the head for eyes and/or a nose.
  4. Tear newspaper into strips and squares that are roughly 2 to 4 inches wide.
  5. Make papier-mâché paste: Combine 11/2 cups water and 1 cup flour; stir vigorously. Add 1/3 cup white glue and mix well. (You'll need about 11/2 cups of paste per animal.)
  6. Dip the paper into the paste, and smooth strips onto the animal head. Continue adding paper until all sections are covered with a few layers. Let it dry overnight.
  7. Decorate head with tempera paint, adding paper whiskers and eyelashes with white glue. Use hot glue to attach an unfolded paper clip to the back for hanging. 

Aint That The Truth!!!

Aint That The Truth!!!
you cant scare me.........i've got grandkids!

Paper Kite

Tie two dowels (one dowel should be longer than the other) into a cross shape with twine. Cut a notch on the edge of each dowel and stretch a string around the kite frame. Open a map and lay the frame on top. Trim around the frame, leaving a few inches to fold over the edges. Adhere the paper around the frame. Tie a long string for the tail to the back of the kite. Embellish the tail with ribbons and decorate the kite with a white paper cloud and theme stickers.
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