Monday, 22 August 2016

A Carbon Copy!!!

A Gift From God!!!

Ninja Turtles Cupcakes

Love Bug Photo Frames Make Great Valentine's Day Gifts

Let The Grandkids Make Their Own Christmas Cards Using Potato Painting

From the original post "The biggest hit over the past two Christmases were my Potato Print Penguin Christmas Cards, so I thought what better way to kick off this year’s festive crafting than with some more potato printed DIY Christmas Cards, and this time is was the turn of a chubby lovesick snowman and an antler bird (don’t bother googling that, I just made it up :)"
(I found it here)

Ninja Turtle Party Apples

It Keeps Us Young At Heart!!!

This Is So True!!!

Backyard Race Car Track Is An Easy DIY You’ll Love

Halloween Door Witch Wreath

Flower Beds Made From Old Boats ~ Grandma Approved!!!

Every Grandma Needs To Do This!!!!

And Dont You Forget It!!!!

1,000,000 Times!!!

Birthday Cake 'how old are you' Mold

Great Cooking Hack

I Love You Beary Much Valentine

From the original post "This cute “I Love You Beary Much” craft requires a LOT of cutting so take note if you’re going to do this with younger kids. I think it would be best to have a cardboard stencil of every piece to make it easier for them! (PDF now available)"
(I found it here)

Make Some Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments With The Grandkids

Sunday, 14 August 2016

And I Love It!!

Grandmas Are The Best If I Do Say So Myself!!

Piggy Bottle Bank

Shirts Stamped With Potatoes

Painted Umbrellas

Sharpie Colored Shells

Sorry the link is gone but its an easy craft to figure out.


Me That's Who!

Toilet Paper Roll Bees

Apple Stamp Bag

Pool Noodle Horse

Rock Dominoes

DIY Nature Paint Brushes for Kids

This is so true!

Paper Tube Love Bug

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